The PM has identified delays in all areas of the government’s work. The change of public governing has not advanced, e-goverment is non existent, Kallikrates errors still persist, and sectors such as health, work and education are stagnating. 

This is the state of government priorities in the territory beyond the memorandum. This is the picture the representatives of troika brought to their superiors. 

From Brussels the PM ordered the minister of State, George Stavropoulos, to ask the ministers for their priorities. But before calling for the supreme governing body he intends to operate the government committee so that top ministers and the parties they represent have a say in the route that should be planned for the coming months. 

Venizelos, Stavros Dimas, Dimitris Avramopoulos, Makis Voridis, Dimitris Reppas, Tasos Giannitsis and Michalis Chrisochoidis will attend the meeting. The appropriateness the composition is obvious. 

Members will be invited to speak about delays that cost billions to the budget. The top priorities for the sixth installment are issues like insurance, focusing on reviewing the status of heavy and unhealthy professions and disability, and the new taxation system. But even these are not sufficient, if the lost ground is not covered in all government sectors; because all evidence shows that "2011 was a lost year in the great national effort that is underway."