The Governor of the Bank of Greece, Yiorgos Provopoulos is against further taxation imposed on citizens and businesses in the country. This is his opinion and stance explicitly expressed in his mid-term report of the Bank of Greece. 
What must be fought, wrote Provopoulos is tax evasion. “Further levies would only extend the crisis and worsen the recession, but could also lead to less instead of more state income”.

The report clearly says that the agreement of the 26-27th October should be put into effect, something that he himself during the meeting he had with the president of the parliament Filippos Petsalnikos, characterized as Greece’s “last chance”. 

On his part, Petsalnikos said “it is necessary to safeguard what we earned in the two previous years, that is Greece not going bankrupt. We have to insure the implementation of the agreement-it is a national duty.”