The Sixth tranche’s release is ever closer, since, probably, Berlin will be accepting Samaras’ letter to the Troika as a “written commitment” to meeting the 26 and 27 of October summit decisions.
As reported to by a relevant source of the Finance Ministry of the German government, which, however wants to remain anonymous, “the letter from the ND chairman is perceived as a written commitment to the observance of what has been agreed at the Summit, whose application is an absolute priority for Athens, according to the assurances given to European officials by PM Lucas Papademos, during his recent visits to Brussels, Luxembourg and Frankfurt”.

The same sources has express the chancellery’s satisfaction, estimating that the release of the sixth tranche is now unlocked. The source also added “we made an error with Greece. Even though top economists were part of the attempt, we should have given a bigger aid package to Greece. The second is that from the outset the haircut should have been greater, with a bigger private sector participation”.

This followed the publication of Antonis Samaras’ letter to theTroika, which also confirmed relevant reports of that had taken place at noon.

Syngrou Avenue had already estimated that the letter would be accepted, while had reported yesterday that there was a solution in the works, on the matter of signatures.