The occupation of the Central building issuing power bill, in Athens ended with the intervention of riot police. The president of the Greek Power Corporation Federation, Mr Fotopoulos along with other workers tried to push them away, but finally police arrested him. Many political figures visited the site to show their support to DEH employees, such as Panayiotis Lafazanis of SYRIZA and Spyros Halvatzis and Dionissis Tsaknis from KKE. The president of the building that was occupied by the organized labour union GENOP DEH said earlier on Thursday that although the door to their working positions is open now, nobody is willing to return to work due to the arrest of their colleagues. For the moment, the on line system of the business remains dead.

Following the arrests, workers decided to move onto a 48 hour strike fully covered by their union GENOP.

The occupation had entered its fifth day, Thursday. The main problem is that the ongoing work stoppage is creating serious issues between the company and the consumers, many of whom are might experience power cuts. The takeover is being investigates as no one knows who gave the green light for the power cut at the central DEH building.

Meanwhile, the Federation of Justice Employees of Greece issued a statement according to which police used excessive force outside the occupied DEH building in order remove workers from the site. “The arrests and all kind of violence from police against popular protest will not pass, will not manage to suppress people’s ire which, at last will squash everything and everyone who is against citizens’ interests”, read the statement.