Crime in Athens was rampant for yet another night, with gangs operating undisturbed and attacking unsuspecting citizens to steal only a few euros.

In Magoula’s Suburban railway stop, three unknown offenders approached a Greek station guard and with the threat of a hunting rifle, removes the safe keys from him and stole a yet unknown amount of money.

In Egaleo, Thivon Avenue, five unknown perpetrators went to the gas station, and at gunpoint, stripped a foreign employee of the night’s take. Another attack occurred at a gas station in Megar, where eight perpetrators approached a car and threatened two Greeks with a knife, removing a small amount of money, two mobile phones, and the car itself.

In Piraeus, an unknown perpetrator entered a grocery store, and at gunpoint, stripped the employee of 1500 euros.

In Athens, four offenders entered a betting agency and with the threat of a taser and a crowbar, stole an unknown amount of money.

In Athens, Iakovaton and Aghias Paraskevis street, three perpetrators entered a grocery store and stole an unknown amount of money, threatening the employee with a knife. At the same time, in another part of the city, three unknown individuals robbed a young man of his money and a cellphone.

On Meletiou str. Unknown perpetrators entered a convenience store and, after injuring the owner on the head, stole some money, while the victim was taken to hospital.

In Kipseli, two unknown offenders threatened a car driver with a sharp object and were able to steal some of his money.