The weather across the country is expected to be good next week, with normal temperatures.

Monday, November 28th

The weather will be good, with local rain expected on Monday in the entire country. In Athens low temperatures will occur early in the morning and visibility will be limited. Temperatures will remain under 16 degrees C. In Thessaloniki, very low temperatures are expected in the morning, while they will rise by noon. The temperature will reach 12 degrees C.

Tuesday, November 29th

The weather will be good on Tuesday, with temperatures in Athens reaching 15 degrees. In Thessaloniki the temperature will not exceed 12 degrees. In Cyclades and Crete, temperatures will reach 15 degrees, while winds will be northerly.

Wednesday, November 30th

Slight drop in temperatures in Attica, with the thermometer pointing at 14 degrees. Winds will continue to blow from northern directions. In Thessaloniki the temperature will reach 11 C. In Crete and the Dodecanese there will be cloud and temperatures will remain between 14 and 20 degrees C.

Thursday, December 1st

Good weather for Athens on the first December day. Temperature: 13C. In Thessaloniki the temperature will drop sharply down to 2 degrees. In the Ionian sea, temperatures will reach 16 degrees C.