The implementation of early retirement of public servants via pre-pension status starts today and more than 15.000 employees have been asked to stay at home.
Most of them were forced to enter the pre-pension status, but there were many who did so voluntarily and are leaving their work with which they were occupied for more than thirty years.
Such a measure is implemented for the first time in the history of the modern Greek State without the addition of other public servants and therefore in the coming months it will be asked to cover the gaps. The administrative reform ministry’s aim is to cut by 30% the public expenses, thus the empty seats will be eliminated, never to be covered again.
Both redundancy and the pre-pension status regard those public servants that are already retired, either for an indefinite period – in the first case – or for permanent – in the second. Dimitris Reppas and Evangelos Venizelos thought it was socially justifiable to give a solution to troika’s demand for layoffs without damaging the younger generations of employees.
Troika agreed to this solution and layoffs are expected to surpass 30.000 and even reach 50.000, which despite these measures will include retirements, layoffs etc.
Those leaving today will enter the pre-pension status for two years until 2013 and will receive the 60% of their wage.
4.000 of them are already liable for retirement and will retire normally. Redundancy will commence on 1/1/2012 and is expected to be completed by early February.