Weather: slightly overcast, increased in the south, limited visibility in the continental regions and frost in the early morning in the central and northern parts.

Temperature: -5 – 12 in the north, 0-17 in the west, 12-15 in central Greece, 5-17 in the rest of the continental regions, 5-14 in the north Aegean and 9-18 in the rest of the island regions.

Winds: northern low to moderate and locally strong in the Aegean, decreasing in the afternoon, and low in the Ionian. 


Weather: slightly overcast.

Temperature: will reach 17C.

Winds: northern, moderate in Saronikos and strong in southern Evoikos, decreasing in the afternoon. 


Weather: slightly overcast, with limited visibility and heavy cold in the early morning.

Temperature: will reach 12C.

Winds: variable low. 


Weather: mild, transiently overcast mainly in the morning.

Temperature: 8-18C.

Winds: northern 4-5B.