During an appointment between George Papandreou and Evangelos Venizelos, which will take place within the next few days, the PASOK situation will be clarified. Today, the party president asked the Finance Minister to have a talk, right after a meeting he had held with officials on the budget. The deputy PM agreed, but the debate took quite a while and he had to depart for Thessaloniki. They agreed, however, to meet again soon.

In the entourage of both men, the view that the pcture will be clear soon is prevalent. They have found that “Several well-wishers play with the former PM’s image, as well as with the PASOK succession”. Their real goal, however, is not the party but the government, and they want to cause problems and ultimately, paralysis.

The meeting of officials on the budget, with the participation of several PASOK ministers, included the agreement that PASOK will have to defend its work and choices during the budget debate.

During the meeting, Evangelos Venizelos proceeded to express a position, which was characterized by many as that of a leader. The Finance Minister stated:

- “Noone can play the game of a coalition opposition or an opposing coalition”
- “We will help citizens only if we are honest and speak the truth”

In this context, he stated “I understand that there has been a choice to focus criticism on certain people, and that includes me as Finance Minister. We can answer that by stating that PASOK is united and has its attention focused on the important things. This is my choice. It is a choice of national responsibility”.

"If anyone thinks that they can use the minor issues as a means to circumvent the major ones, they are wrong. It is therefore very important to make our choice as a country, as a government, as party and as individuals. I've made my own “.