During the Thursday meeting of the government committee, and following rows that broke out between members of his government the Greek premier, Lucas Papademos, highlighted the fact that his ministers should be preoccupied only with issues closely connected to each one's portfolios and not with those of their colleagues.

Eyes on the IMF and the Troika 

With the IMF board meeting set for the coming Monday, the Greek leadership is working on the progress which should be made within the next few days and which will judge the future of the 6th instalment.

After all, today’s government committee meeting was focused on those abeyances deemed necessary to be dealt with in order for Greece to receive the 6th tranche.

Thus, parliament president Filippos Petsalnikos will not read bills twice in order to save time and speed up the procedure during their voting. 

IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said that the Troika controllers will visit Athens on December 12 so as to begin discussions on the next support package.