The Prime Minister described the cutting off of electricity for those who objectively cannot pay the special property fee as a mistake, in response to a question by Aleka Papariga in parliament, but explained that "the measure cannot be repealed." 
Lucas Papademos said that "we dealt extensively with the fee collection issue through PPC bills. The measure was necessary to limit the divergence of goals." He said that when he assumed the premiership, he immediately sought ways to ease the burden on citizens. "I do not think it is right to cut off power for people who are objectively unable to pay the special property fee." 
He also said they have begun revising the measure with the finance ministry. "The aim is to avoid mistakes, and favorable regulations will not be subject to circumvention. With a circular issued by the ministry we will correct the errors in previous bills and families of low income with many children, disabled persons, their carers and long-term unemployed people will pay a reduced fee. However, there will be cases where electricity will be disconnected." 

He added that in 2012, payments of the fee will come in installments in order to make it easier for the citizens. "The new arrangements will address most of the existing problems." 
It should be noted that today, the plenary of the Council of State will discuss the appeals submitted against the property measure. Under the new procedure provided by law, there will be no suggestions and the decision will be issued in about a month.