It might be that the two vice presidents of ND refrained from showing up at the PG, but the PASOK ministers and the PM have every reason to attend.
Lucas Papademos because then he will be entitled to any role that he might wish for in Greece and abroad, and the members of Ippocratous because it is the only way to avoid electoral annihilation.
The following matters have been discussed in private meetings between the PM and PASOK ministers:
-integration of all tax and insurance collection mechanisms
-VAT collection through a special card connected with the banking system
-passing the real estate hike on to regular taxation
-all charges on real estate to become one
-the issuing of a new statement, which will serve as proof of tax clearance for the entire year
-the reform of the vehicle tax system and other charges on cars
The aim of these interventions is to improve efficiency, stamp out the informal economy and allow the government to claim that sacrifices were well spent.