Last week Lakis Gavalas was the most wanted Greek for debts toward the State. Finally, officers of the narcotics and weapons division managed to track him down, not in one of his houses or his office, but at the best table of a nightclub, where he was having fun with famous Athenians. So, after leaving “Diogenis Pallas” and heading for Kolonaki he was arrested of course without showing any resistance.

According to sources, the known businessman gave false addresses of residence thus eliminating his tracks. After all he did owe 1,4 million euros worth of VAT tax and he knew SDOE was after him.

Then a tip came in Friday night saying that Gavalas would go out to have fun… SDOE officials spotted him down along with other famous businessmen.

He was followed and when he tried to enter one of his apartments early morning Saturday at 6 he was arrested.