Rethymno is still stunned by the shoking revelations about the actions of the pedophile teacher which are gradually becoming public.   Tens of messages on his facebook page express surprise and rage for what he did. According to police, the 47yo man used this page to interact with many minors. 

Hundreds of young kids who were his students, either in the school where he was a teacher or in the basketball teams he coached, cannot believe what was hiding underneath his lovely teacher façade. 

"You did not respect the many innocent children! You did not respect both your darlings! You did not respect the companion of your life who loved you and believed in you! You did not respect an entire society that considered you a role model! You did not respect your own self! The only thing you respected and craved for is the monster hiding in you! And you hid it so well! What will you say, Nick, to the two eyes that will look at you with meaning?", writes a friend on his Facebook with sadness and anger. 

Another young "friend", thinking of the two young children, says: "Hey, okay, we said he is a beast, a monster and many other things. I'm not saying he is a holy man, but before you speak think of something else. You are not helping his children overcome this not even a little. Imagine how they are feeling right now…». 

The accused, Nikos Siragakis, is expected to be taken to the magistrate early next week. In his statement, however, he admitted his actions and attempted to justify them as a process of "initiation" for juveniles. So far the perpetrator denies the lewd acts that took place during the "peak" of this "initiation".