Chrisochoidis talked about the succession in PASOK saying that "this debate should have been finished already." 
The development minister spoke on the Mega morning show and openly criticized the party elections issue, saying the elections should be fought for under new leadership. "The elections in PASOK should be carried out before the parliamentary elections," he said, and added that the PASOK leadership has now lost the trust of the public, but also of foreigners. 

According to him, for this reason alone Papandreou must not represent the party. "If the leader cannot represent us in the essential issues, then he should leave", he said. 

"We are still debating whether and when the elections will occur. This is not responsible. This discussion must be carried out in a serious and closely arranged manner. Not only have we delayed, but also we are acting as if nothing is going on." 

The development minister used harsh language about the governance of the country by PASOK, stressing that it led to dead ends, to "poverty, unprecedented recession, national humiliation and dissolution of the state mechanism." 

As he said, the greatest responsibility lies with the leader of the party, but nobody is completely stripped off their own. "We were ideologically and politically unprepared." 

Please note that Chrisochoidis has expressed his intention of being a candidate for the leadership of PASOK under conditions.