Yannis Ragoussis, the Deputy Defense minister accused many PASOK central committee members for putting barriers in the reforming procedures destined to safeguard the country’s future, thus halting its salvation and finally drove the Papandreou government over the cliff.

“This uncertainty is a result of the deeds of all those who were working through their posts in the previous PASOK government, in parliament and in the society and did everything in their power, so that the progressive reforms which would make the country stand on its feet, would not take place”. 

According to Ragoussis, Greece’s problem are the results of the recession. That is unemployment, despair and income decrease results seen because of the incomplete policies the party had been using until 2009 and the uncertainty which Papandreou left spreading across Greece following the 26th October decisions.

Lastly, the minister underlined that: “No, new dawn crack will be seen if doubts that Greece is in danger are not wiped out. The political system is not going to exit the dead end it has entered or the unreliability if the notion that we say one thing but we end up acting differently is not buried”.