The need for consolidation and development of trade was emphasized by Antonis Samaras in his address during the annual report of the ESEE.

“If we do not clean up the area of trade, we will not be able to attack tax evasion”, stated the ND chairman, and attacked the Papandreou government, noting that “they smashed those who were already paying, but did not touch those who evade taxes regularly, and that “instead of changing the tax system, increased tax rates”. 
“Now, anyone who can leave Greece, does so. All those who cannot resist, close shop. Thus, the tax base is shrinking instead of expanding. All those who cannot leave and decide to close up, are trying to find way to tax dodge. Thus, tax evasion is increased”

Mr. Samaras also stated that the solution is a different tax system and not higher tax rates, with modern computer systems in trading and a calculated trading computing. He also called for immediate and strict penalties for tax evaders.