LAOS President George Karatzaferis attempted to herald the "the day after the elections" by saying that Papademos’ government is just a "dress rehearsal".

Speaking in parliament during the debate on the budget he said: "It's a huge weight, not exhausted by one party. And I believe that the mandate of the people the day after will be that this burden should be shared on more shoulders. What we have now is a dress rehearsal."

He described Papademos’ government as a "national" one and the current PM as "the best pilot." Lastly, he spoke about the famous letter to the Europeans: "I sent a letter, but because I know Europe well, I have my reservations. We will support this effort, and you too should try to bring the boat in a straight course and create hope for the people."

Justice minister Miltiadis Papaioannou referred to the internal party processes too, explaining that they could prove disastrous for the country as currently it is more important to implement the decision of October 26. He said: "For crying out loud! We will prove ourselves worthless. If we do not implement the decisions of October 26, if we fail, it will bring disaster for all of us."