A call to the ECB to essentially proceed with the printing of money and directly enhancing liquidity in markets was called by ND president Antonis Samaras, from the Parliament, in the context of his speech on the budget.

Samaras estimated that after the speculative assault that other countries have suffered, and the inability of Europe to create barriers, proves that current measures are insufficient.

He stressed that “ECB needs to use its superweapon”, and become a last resort lender.

According to the leader of the opposition, in the coming months there should be an emphasis on settling Greek debt with a voluntary haircut, ensuring the recapitalization of banks and insurance funds and an attempt for the Greek economy’s recovery.

“We vote on the budget because we prioritize ensuring debt sustainability and in order to request what is missing from the program: recovery”, stated Mr. Samaras, noting that the budget debate takes place in “exceptional circumstances, conditions of crisis, at the time that Greece is in the eye of the storm”.