George Papandreou pointed toward his stay in the PASOK leadership saying that "our movement will rebuild its ties with the people of whom we asked for sacrifices. The course of our government will be judged by history. I took the risk of not calculating the political cost. You want me to become an easy sacrifice that will cure everything? I can do that too. But if it were so easy a solution it would have delighted me as well. Changes must be made by everyone, everyone has a responsibility, we must not look for saviors or enemies, it would be very easy solution. This biennium and the formation of the coalition government makes me optimistic." 

Papandreou explained that the policy pursued by the previous government and the fact that "we were hit by the establishment made a lot of people furious and wanting to overthrow me, saying that Papandreou leaves we will calm down. They should know that Papademos’ government was our choice to continue these policies. And those who believed that the government will be at their disposal will face the whole PG of PASOK. We will preserve this course and I would like to think that Samaras will do the same." 

The PASOK president hinted that there should be an extension for this government and that the country should not be dragged to elections: "Let us give sufficient time for institutional and political changes that can be better promoted. Nobody knows where Europe will find itself. It will overcome the crisis but we will have a hard time. It would be bad for the parliament to be closed and place election pressure on the MPs and ministers. Investments will not come with one party or the other but with a lot of teamwork. This is the work this government must continue and we must put national interest above the petty political one." 

Papandreou explained the difficult circumstances under which he was called to govern the country in 2009 saying he had "a mandate to change the country but gave a daily effort to keep the country from sinking. I took office at a difficult time and they told me I was unlucky but it was my honor to fight for the salvation of my country." He claimed that during the two years of government, the opposition was undermining him, and also referred to the events of October 28. "I thought Greek people were mature enough to decide over the elite or tv windows and send a message to the rest of Europe who doubted our resolve and called us nation traitors for the decision of October 26, and to ND that said that it will be negative for the decision of the 26th. As if by magic, all that changed with the referendum. I am pleased that the final result was the coalition government." 

Finally, he brought harsh criticism on the conservative policies adopted by the leadership of the eurozone, saying, "no one listened when I was talking about a gun pointing at the markets and now some are saying that we need heavy weapons."