Deputy foreign minister Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou talked about the risk of driving Greece out of the euro.

"Things are unstable in the Eurozone due to the crisis. We are struggling to fortify the position of our country. The debate on the exit from the euro is unthinkable, but of course there is a risk if things are unstable," said Xenogiannakopoulou in an interview on Skai TV station.

She was critical about the handling of the governments of France and Germany, saying that "they are attempting to deal with the crisis in a piecemeal and unilateral way. The recession is acquiring European characteristics, and fiscal discipline is not enough."
"Greece is going in with clear positions and its experience (meaning the European Council convening tomorrow in Brussels). The meeting on December 9 should move in two directions, with immediate measures such as the Eurobond and revision of the treaties, which is not enough." The deputy minister wished for a balanced decision on Friday, which will safeguard the cohesion of the Eurozone.
She hinted that the decision of October 26 on the PSI and the restructuring of the Greek debt is still alive and asked for the speedy implementation of the measures provided in the bailout package. "The challenge is before us and we must give a fight to secure our position", she concluded.