According to reports, party president George Papandreou intends to convene the central organs of PASOK, the political and the national council, next week in order to clarify all or part of his intentions on the issue of leadership. Papandreou has realized the need to respond to pressure by almost all of PASOK on this issue and to outline the next steps of the party regardless of his final goals. 

Either way his term has expired for about a month now, so the problem of leadership is necessary to be solved as soon as possible. 

Information about his intentions are still unclear, with a circle of faithful officials strongly supporting his stay, although he seems troubled by the attacks of the dauphins and the heavy atmosphere on his face in society at large. His supporters emphasize that his presence at the leadership of PASOK guarantees the unity of the party and that no one can collide directly with him. They even challenge those who want to leave the PASOK to make a new party to do so, to prove that they were undermining Papandreou before the current situation. 

But if this course of action prevails, experienced members of the party say it will bring an unprecedented clash with painful consequences. 

Thus, we might see some maneuvering by Papandreou in order to save time and maintain a strong role, probably in a transitional leadership schema that will not be one-sided.