Lucas Papademos started speaking with his counterparts, EU and ECB members moments after landing in Brussels and will continue today. He will meet with Herman Van Rompuy at midday and will attend the working dinner of the members of the European Council in the evening.  

Lucas Papademos’ goal is to urge our partners to abandon their half-measures and directly address the debt problem and the attack of speculators. "Europe should stop sending mixed messages and send a decisive one right now," said a colleague of his in Otherwise, the markets, speculators, and other large players in the global economy will look to profit. "If Europe does not act immediately, the attack on the euro will increase", is the Greek motto. 

Greece is in favor of strengthening the role of ECB and EFSF, to enable them to cope with the flexibility demanded by the markets. Because European rates may be necessary in the political process that started by the Rome treaty, but have already shown their limits in the economy. 

Friday is crucial too and its program will be as follows:

9:30     signing ceremony of the Accession Agreement of Croatia in the European Union

10:30   family photograph

10:40   exchange of views with the president of the European Parliament

11:00   European Council meeting

13:30   working dinner followed by press statements 

(the program will change in case of an EU member-states leaders summit).