Weather: mild.

Winds: northern northeastern 4-6B that will turn to southern 3-4 at night.

Temperature: 3-15C. 


Weather: mild.

Winds: northwestern 4-6B and gradually southern 3-4.

Temperature: 0-10C. 

Macedonia and Thrace

Weather: mild.

Winds: variable 3-6B.

Temperature: -4 – 12C.


Ionian, Epirus, western mainland and western Peloponnisos

Weather: slightly overcast.

Winds: northern 3-5Band gradually southern 3-5.

Temperature: 4-18C, 4-5 less in Epirus with frost forming in morning. 

Thessaly, eastern mainland, Evia and eastern Peloponnisos

Weather: generally mild.

Winds: variable 4-6B.

Temperature: 2-17C. 

Cyclades and Crete

Weather: mild, lightly overcast in north Crete during the morning.

Winds: northern 5-7B.

Temperature: 12-17C. 

Dodecanese and eastern Aegean

Weather: mild.

Winds: variable 4-7B, with decrease in the afternoon.

Temperature: 10-16C.