The findings of the survey of Pulse RC published in the weekly newspaper "To Pontiki" are subversive of the current situation within PASOK.
As the nationwide survey shows, conducted on a sample of 1,059 people eligible to vote in Greece, health minister Andreas Loverdos is ahead of finance minister Evangelos Venizelos in the race for the PASOK succession, which is ongoing regardless of Papandreou’s intentions, with 20% in all respondents and 25% of PASOK voters, compared to 16% and 22% respectively.
They are the only "candidates" for the leadership of PASOK on double-digit rates, as Chrisochoidis, Diamantopoulou, Ragousis and Paputsis are have single digit rates.
Their great enemy of course, which they will find before them even after the election is the "Other". This is the first choice of all respondents with 25% and the third of PASOK voters with 20%.
All candidates together account for just 51% in total, with 49% being indifferent or may indecisive, and just 64% voters of PASOK with 36% untouched by all the prospective leaders.
What is certain is that only 25% of all respondents wants George Papandreou to remain as president of the party (13% wants him as a prospective prime minister, while 12% prefer another one). 49% does not want him at any role, while 26% will not respond.
But the situation in PASOK is more or less the same: only 37% want Papandreou to stay (20% of them wants him as a candidate prime minister), while 45% reject him completely and 18% will not answer.
Finally, regarding to voting intentions, ND appears to be ahead by seven percentage points, collecting 20% over 13% of PASOK.