Seven armed robberies occurred in Athens from Friday evening to dawn on Saturday.

An unknown individual entered a supermarket in Holargos, at the intersection of Terpsichore and Bouboulinas, shortly after 6.00pm, and at gunpoint stole an unknown amount. The perpetrator fled on motorcycle, which was driven by an unknown accomplice.

Around the same time, in Nikaia, two strangers entered a supermarket and at gunpoint stole money from the registers.

In Nea Makri, shortly before 9pm, two unknown perpetrators approached a provider of mobile phones and cards at gunpoint, immobilized him and stole an unknown amount of money.

Five minutes before 2am in Kipseli, two perpetrators entered a grill and under the threat of automatic weapons, removed funds and the proceeds of the day.

In Nea Philadelphia, two attackers entered a brothel and removed an unknown amount of money.

At 2.37am, in Pagrati, an attacker wounded a Greek woman on the face with a knife and stole her purse, which contained personal belongings. The woman was taken to hospital.

In Exarchia, twenty minutes before four in the morning, two strangers went into a restaurant and having struck the foreign owner with the handle of their gun, removed a large amount of money. The victim was taken to hospital.

In all cases, the perpetrators fled the scene and are wanted by police.