There is an unprecedented number of people who are rushing to the local tax authorities in recent days to deliver the plates from their cars, unable to pay back the traffic fees increased in 2012.

More and more car owners, especially large car owners of many CCs, since the cost of car maintenance, especially if you count the price of petrol and the extra fee for vehicles over 1928 cc in effect until 2014, is making the use of their vehicles prohibitive.

Recent figures show that by 30 November of 2011 a recorded overall increase in deposits of car plates in Tax Offices in Greece, are reaching 200% over the same period in 2010, while the head of the tax authorities estimate that by December every previous record deposits of license plates will be broken.

Illustrative of the situation, is a recent newspaper article which referred to an unprecedented raise of the filing of the plates  in the tax offices! Specifically, in Heraklion, Crete, only rented car services have handed in over 10,000 plates!

Payments to be made, in detail: 

• Up to 300 cubic centimeters 22 euros

• From 301 to 785 cubic centimeters 55 euros

• From 786 to 1,071 cubic centimeters 120 euros

• From 1,072 to 1,357 cubic centimeters 135 euros

• From 1,358 to 1,548 cubic cm 240 euros

• From 1,549 to 1,738 cubic centimeters 265 euros

• From 1,739 to 1,928 cubic centimeters 300 euros

• From 1,929 to 2,357 cubic centimeters 660 euros

• From 2,358 to 3,000 cubic centimeters 880 euros

• From 3,001 to 4,000 cubic centimeters 1,100 euros

• From 4,001 cc and over 1,320 euros