The process of state reserves is moving slowly a few days before the year ends.

Based on the updated data presented by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and eGovernment, the number of civil servants who have left so far amounts to 7956 and the list shows that another 500 to 600 people are added to the lists every day.

The addition of the provision is delaying the process due to the fact that the services of the public sector appear unprepared - reluctant for many - to draw up lists of their personnel and retiring employees.

It is significant that of the 325 municipalities of the country, only 60 have posted the relevant information, while even more outrageous examples are not missing, since among the services the lists “owed” should come from are ministries, educational institutions and hospitals.

The employees of the Ministry of Admin. Reform and e-Government, however, are optimistic that the number of employees about to retire will increase in the  weeks to come.