“Now is a crucial moment and we will all be judged”, said Education minister, Anna Diamantopoulou through an article she wrote and published on her web page. “Countries do not commit suicide, they rally and fight back”, she supported in her article. Moreover, Diamantopoulou made it clear that she agrees with former president of the republic, Costis Stefanopoulos, who said there is a need to broaden the political context of the government. 

“The Papademos government will have to have the necessary time framework which will allow it to realize some tough and direct goals”, stressed Diamantopoulou, saying as well that this interim government should also show its technocratic character and set goals month after month and for each ministry separately. 
Furthermore, the present Greek leadership should be capable of controlling the - financial- help the country is getting according to the needs of the nation.

Mrs Diamantopoulou underlined that only the best “workers” should be by the premier’s side in order to help him face and handle the everyday problems cropping up as a result of the crisis the country is undergoing. She clearly said that the premier’s close associates must be people of his choice and that he himself should be capable of deciding on a cabinet reshuffle if and when he thinks it is necessary.