The imposition of new measures was indicated clearly by Evangelos Venizelos during a press conference in progress at this time.

The VP and Finance Ministry mentioned that “if there are no gaps and the current budget is executed well”, there will be no measurse. However, it is known that the “black hole” for this year is over 2 bn and only a miracle would not require new sacrifices from citizens.

In a press conference held by Mr. Venizelos, he stressed that the real deal is now, one cannot evade their responsibilities and turning to the ND party, he ruled out any possibility of renegotiating the agreement, which should now be complete, on the conditions and considerations of the new loan agreement.

Referring to the progress of negotiations which started anew with the Troika today, Mr. Venizelos acknowledged the difficulties and stressed the importance of a successful outcome, so that in late January, the country can receive financial assistance amounting to 89 bn. He argued that if the measures already decided upon are implemented, no more will be needed. On the other hand, he noted that “he will not take the load of the new measures upon himself alone”, but clarified that such a development would therefore need a government with  a fresh popular mandate.

He admitted, however, that “we cannot and should not take any new measures”.

He also left possibilities open about what will happen if the objectives are not achieved, although he referred people to Minister Dimitris Reppas, while he did not exclude anything (not even layoffs), if the measures do not proceed.

Regarding the climate of the contacts with the Troika and any new requirements (repealing the 13th and 14th salary etc.) Mr. Venizelos observed that nothing has changed since the last visit a fortnight ago, and what was said by Labour Minister G. Koutroumanis is still in effect.

Mr. Venizelos described the contacts that began today with the Troika auditors as critical for the new program of the country and mentioned that he had a useful and constructive meeting with the IIF head, Mr. Charles Dalara, focusing on PSI implementation and the “bonds haircut”.

He considered, that these negotiations will be completed by the end of January, but judging from today’s collapse of bank shares, developments are far from positive.

Moreover, Mr. Venizelos invited all political and social forces to motivate the government.

Regarding bank deposits in Switzerland, he noted that the signing of an agreement with the authorities is "a matter of days."