Troika officials may not raise an issue of repeal for the 13th and 14th salary so far, but they returned to their demand for reduction of the basic salary of 751 euros. 

The auditors pointed to labour ministry officials that the memorandum agreement provides for consultations with social partners in the context of competitiveness in which they propose to discuss the issue of abolishing minimum wage limits. 

To refute the claim, the labour minister raises the argument of the reduction already undergone on salaries in the private sector by 30%, mainly through individual contracts and flexible working patterns and the dramatic situation of the funds for which an additional salary reduction will give the final blow. 

The basic salary is a "red line" for GSEE while the employers' organizations have expressed their reservations as well. The labour ministry believes that if the partners consultations start they will be about growth and reduction of non-wage costs, i.e. insurance premiums, whenever conditions permit it in order to avoid collapse of the insurance funds. 

With persistent questions about the application of article 37, the technical team requested information on the implementation of operational contracts at salaries lower than those set by sectoral contracts and the general implementation of the rotating and part-time work. 

According to figures provided by ministry officials thirty-seven business contracts for 4761 workers have been signed so far.