A common attitude in all matters arising from now on was decided to be kept by the four “reformers” of PASOK, Minister of Health Andreas Loverdos, Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou, Deputy Defence Minister Mr. Yannis Ragousis and MP Elias Mossialos.

The four met in the morning and the meeting demonstrated the need to express a common line on current issues of timeliness as formulated in Europe and Greece.

So the debate had highlighted the view that at the time the elections are not a solution to the problem faced by the country. This view comes as an answer to the Finance Minsiter Evangelos Venizelos who, during yesterday’s press conference spoke to economic authors which have argued that a “fresh popular mandate” is needed.

Mr. Venizelos specifically said: “If the 2011 budget is implemented no new measures will be needed. If there are deviations we will see what must be done. A government must take on this burden after a fresh popular mandate”.

After this latest development, PASOK seems to have a third pole of “Reformers” against “presidential” and “Venizelics”, who, according to polls has been winning the PASOK voters over recently. Already, last week, PASOK MPs closer to the group of four stated that their motion should take more solid political characteristics.

Indeed, some MPs pressed for a leader to be elected between the four. According to information that last point is extended, since it is not appropriate at this time while Mr. Papandreou has not yet spoken.