On Thursday, the Troika of the EU and IMF and not PASOK will meet with George Papandreou. In view of this meeting, but also the political council to follow, the PASOK president called Evangelos Venizelos at his office. The meeting will address three issues

* The state of the economy.
* The state of Papademos ‘government 
* The developments in PASOK.

The Deputy PM and Minister of Finance will point out to George Papandreou that time is pressing. And that the country needs a strong government, apart from the parliamentary majority. These positions result from developments on the economic front, negotiations for the PSI and the Troika’s demands.

A taste of what our lenders call for will be taken by PASOK president, as he receives them.

He will convene a political council from Friday until Monday, with the involvement of top ministers, so that they can decide the movement’s future.