Generally cloudy weather on Thursday, December 15. Clouds will occur in several areas of the country while rain may occur  in the west . Athens
Weather: clouds, limited visibility in the morning
Winds: variable 3B winds
Temperature: 7-19C 


Weather: clouds 
Winds: 3-4B
Temperature: 6- 14C. 

Macedonia and Thrace

Weather: cloudy with a chance of precipitation in Macedonia

Winds: southerly, 3-5B

Temperature: 2-15C

Ionian isles, Epirus, western main and western Peloponnisos

Weather: rains
Winds: 3-5B
Temperature: 6-19C

Thessaly, the eastern mainland, Evia and eastern Peloponnisos

Weather: overcast, limited visibility in the morning

Winds: west-southwesterly, 4-5B.

Temperature: 11-19C. 

Cyclades and Crete

Weather: fair weather

Winds: west-southwest, 3-5B.

Temperature: 1-19C. 

Dodecanese and eastern Aegean

Weather: rains 
Winds: southerly 3-5B.

Temperature: 10-18C.