The unsuccessful meeting of the delegation of engineers with labour minister George Koutroumanis seems to have infuriated the protesters who, a few minutes before 12 noon, carried out a symbolic occupation of the Bank of Greece. 

A delegation of engineers met with the minister, who seemed to ignore their requests, stating that the measures of the government must be implemented. 

The workers are expected to meet this afternoon at the offices of TSESME at Kolokotronis Str, where they will decide whether they intend to occupy the building on Thursday. 

On Wednesday morning, public and private sector engineers marched to the BoG in Panepistimiou. 

They had met earlier at the offices of the labour ministry on Stadiou Str, protesting about the reserves of the insurance fund.  

With the support of the Technical Chamber, the association is on a 24-hour strike to protest against austerity measures, redundancy, reductions in salaries and the attack on pension funds implemented by the government.