A first formal briefing for the new government representative Mr. Pantelis Kapsis, within the House briefing room and without cameras, took place today.

Mr. Kapsis made it clear that the needed measures will be taken today, by this government, and stressed that “this cannot be avoided”. In relation to this matter, the spokesman noted that the parties must support the measures under the new loan agreement and the PSI. He declined to rule out new measures if they are required by the Troika for the loan agreement.

Regarding party support towards the government, Mr. Kapsis reiterated that the party leaders are committed to a particular program and this is still in effect.

He refused to comment on PASOK internal party procedures, but noted that government work is most important, something which the ministers have committed to. He added that the PM’s responsibility is to ensure the integrity of the government. So he said that there is no issue with any minister, but it is being evaluated.

The government spokesman used particularly dramatic tones to describe the country’s economic situation. Economic survival is being judged, he stated, and we should all understand that we are at war. “If we do not sign the agreement we will be thrown out of the euro”, Mr. Kapsis stated.

Finally Mr. Kapsis, responding on questions about the elections date, stated that the government’s life span is determined by the project and vice versa. Thus, he did not want to commit himself and determine the timing, while he also referred to opposition leader Antonis Samaras, who has stated he does not “sleep with the calendar in his arms”.