"If the deregulation of the taxi profession does not proceed under certain conditions, then it will have to be done by another minister", the infrastructure minister Makis Voridis told reporters at the planned meeting with the Troika representatives.
After the meeting he stated that "I will not do something that is contrary to my conscience."
Voridis’ statements suggest that the minister is even willing to resign, insisting on the opinions he had expressed from the first moment he took office, that the taxi profession cannot be deregulated in a disorderly manner and requires adoption of population criteria.
Interpreting the statement by Voridis, it seems that the trio of our lenders is pushing towards full deregulation of the taxi profession, which is also confirmed by associates of the minister.
The deregulation of taxis is the biggest thorn in the ministry of infrastructure's side and recently Voridis insinuated that before Christmas there will be a reform of the institutional framework drawn up by his predecessor John Ragousis.
As he has stated before, the same setting will include changes promoted for the deregulation of the trucking sector.