The possibility of layoffs was left open by Minister of Admin. Reform, Mr. Dimitris Reppas, in an update for reporters on Thursday morning. 

Although during his meeting with the Troika there were no requests for layoffs, nor during his meeting with Mr. Reichenbach, Mr. Reppas did not rule out the possibility of further removals of officials.

On the table of senior officials of the Admin. Reform ministry, are the following scenarios:

- Dismissal after assessing employees, to be done under the new program that the ministry is pushing for.
- Dismissal due to the closing down of loss-inducing enterprises.
- Extension of reserve
- Second reserve within 2012, as laid out in the Memorandum
- Including NHS doctors and other categories of excluded professions in the reserve program.

Mr. Reppas said that the program broke a major taboo in Greek society and in response to the IMF representative, Mr. Paul Thomsen, who spoke of additional layoffs, he stated : “There are no proposals being submitted, just targets”, and added that Mr. Thomsen “does not provide for social protection measures”.

Furthermore, from Jan. 1st 2012 the evaluation of civil servants, which will lead to the implementation of a central state, will begin.

Referring to specific numbers, it is reported that 700,000 will be public officials, of which 190,000 will be education employees and 150,000 will be security forces, adding that there is little room for major cuts in government personnel.

Finally, speaking on the state of Papademos’ government, the minister stated that there should be no sense of impermanence.