According to an MRB survey for half-yearly trends, 60.7% of respondents wants elections by February 19. 

34% says they should come on February 19, 27% soon after, 20.4% by the summer of 2012 and 11.8% at the end of the four years. 

Meanwhile, 55.1% has a negative image on Papademos’ government, while the voting intention sees ND leading with 26%, PASOK at 15.1%, KKE at 11.6%, SYRIZA at 7,4%, Democratic Left at 4.6%, Ecogreens at 4%, Democratic Alliance at 1,9%, Xrysh Aygh at 1.1%, Arma Politwn at 1.1%, none of the above 3%, blank/absence 11.8% and 18% has not yet decided. 

Asked about whether they think the coalition government will succeed, 60.1% says no and 32% yes, while the stance of the new PM has a negative image for 48% and a positive one for 33.3% . 

When asked about which government form can better address the problems of the country, 59.1% answered a coalition government, 19.3% a one-party government, and 21.6% said none of these two. 

When the party voters were asked in 2009 about who is best suited for the leadership of PASOK in case of Papandreou's withdrawal, Venizelos was first with 28.4%, followed by Loverdos with 27.9%, Michalis Chrisochoidis with 8%, Fofi Gennimata with 4%, Anna Diamantopoulou with 3.2%, Christos Papoutsis with 2.3% and Yiannis Ragousis with 1.1%. 2.3% of the respondents opted for another and 22.1% said none of the above. 

Asked the same question, today's voters bring Venizelos first with 45.8%, followed by Loverdos at 30.4%, Chrisochoïdis at 12.3%, Gennimata at 2.7%, Diamantopoulou at 2.2%, Papoutsis at 2.1%, Ragousis at 1.3%, and 0.8% of respondents says none of the above. 

For the voters of all parties, Loverdos is first with 22.5%, followed by Venizelos at 20.7%, Chrisochoidis at 6.5%, Gennimata at 3.8%, Diamantopoulou at 2.5%, Papoutsis at 2,%, Haris Kastanidis at 1.1%, Ragousis at 1%, a different person at 2.1% and none of the above at 36.3%.