Some get arrested for not paying their debts to the state while others are hired to collect them. The finance ministry outlaws tax dodgers, concluding a contract with selected auditors from its services and giving them powers and promises of hefty rewards, but threatening to dismiss them if they fail to "cut some heads off".   
Finance minister Evangelos Venizelos signed a contract yesterday for the appointment of 975 "incorruptibles" who will deal with the certification and forced recovery of large debts in major Attica tax offices. This new service will have nationwide coverage, will be staffed by inspectors with extended powers and experience, and its job will be to make life a living hell for anyone who owes to the state.   
The auditors’ work will be to issue fines and forcefully collect them on behalf of the state. They will take on:  
  • identifying evasion targets and organizing the arrest plan
  • chasing debtors to find and confiscate their property, even if they are acquitted by the courts
  Those employees of the finance ministry who will be selected for the auditors’ positions of certification and forced recovery of state revenue, will sign a "performance contract" which will describe the qualitative and quantitative targets they will undertake to achieve within a set time of just eight months.   

They will enjoy special service and financial incentives. Their high salaries, though, will be related to the achievement of specific objectives and will be granted only if these objectives are met. They will be assessed at regular periods, but also reassessed in between, to check if they have achieved their goals and commitments. If they fail, they will automatically be relieved of their duties. But their success or lack thereof will affect the careers and future of the managers of tax offices where they belong.   
The auditors will be selected after written tests, and the successful candidates will undergo a personal interview by a special committee that will judge their personality and general ability for this job (as described in the Circular: reliability, insight, intelligence, departmental zeal, etc.).   

Candidates will soon be informed by a new decision of the place and time of the written test, as well as the place and time of their interview by the special committee.