Athens: Weather: clouds, chance of precipitation and storms, Winds: southwesterly 4-6B, Temperature: 10-19C     Thessaloniki  
Weather: clouds, chance of precipitation, weather will improve during the day  
Winds:  southwesterly 3-5B  
Temperature: 9- 13C.   
Macedonia and Thrace  
Weather: cloudy with a chance of precipitation in Macedonia amd Thrace  
Winds: southwesterly, 5-6B  
Temperature: 5-17C  
Ionian isles, Epirus, western main and western Peloponnisos  
Weather: rains and localized storms 
Winds: southwesterly 6-7B
Temperature: 5-15C    
Thessaly, the eastern mainland, Evia and eastern Peloponnisos  
Weather: clouds, chance of precipitation and storms  
Winds: westerly southwesterly 5-6B  
Temperature: 9-19C   
Cyclades and Crete  
Weather: clouds, chance of precipitation and storms  
Winds: west-southwest,5-6B.  
Temperature: `13-22C.   
Dodecanese and eastern Aegean  
Weather: rains and localized storms
Winds: southwesterly 6-7B.  
Temperature: 8-19C.        
On Sunday, in Thrace, the islands of the eastern Aegean and Dodecanese there will be clouds, showers and thunderstorms.. Snow and showers will occur in the central and northern mountains.
Winds will blow from west addresses 4 to 6 B. The temperature will fall mainly in the Ionian Sea and the mainland.  
On Monday, there will be clouds with rain showers and snow in the mountains to the west, central and north. In other areas the weather will at times be cloudy with local showers or thunderstorms. The winds will blow in the north, northeast 4 to 5B. The temperaturewill not make significant changes