Andreas Loverdos and Anna Diamantopoulou attacked Dimitris Reppas yesterday, like they did the finance minister a few days ago, although their areas of responsibility have been excluded from redundancy. But this time they dealt with Evangelos Venizelos, who ascribed responsibility for the census to Yannis Ragoussis, who in turn said that it was created by George Papakonstantinou…    
After watching the ministers’ clashes, deputy ministers left with the feeling that "we have the Venizelos-Reppas axis against the Troika." The attitude of both reinforced the reports that there is an open channel between them and raised the suspicions of those who see an agreement between supporters of Venizelos and Papandreou to new heights.   

If Reppas does indeed throw in his weight with Venizelos, it will be the most important intraparty development after the Troika’s establishment, since the minister of administrative reform is an emblematic figure in the presidential environment.   
It is characteristic that the fermentations for the secretary post include two names, those of Kostas Skandalidis and Dimitris Reppas, although the toughest supporters of Papandreou would like the minister to be their own candidate for the presidency of PASOK.   

Meanwhile, Reppas issued a non paper in which he expressed his surprise about the leaks relating to the attacks he received. He also said that if everyone wants to improve the performance of redundancy, they should eliminate exceptions such as those of Anna Diamantopoulou's teachers.