“Jabs” against ministries’ services which are slow to register their reservists, but also by towards his predecessor, were delivered by Admin. Reform Minister Dimitris Reppas, during the briefing he had with political editors on Friday morning.  
The Minister described his effort in implementing the reserve rule and wondered “why not have had the mergers all this time, why reach summer and vote for article 4002, why start the payroll on October, why have we not given a right for electronic signatures, and why haven’t we developed the employee evaluation system?”.  

He added that heading to the ministry, he found a policy voted since this summer. However, mentioning last night’s cabinet meeting and the clashes that developed therein, he mentioned that he did not criticize the census and that only Deputy PM Evangelos Venizelos called it “unfortunate”. Mr. Reppas stated that “this wasn’t a comment towards Ragousis. He has done a lot of work here”.  

Commenting on the criticism that he received on the issue of reserves during the cabinet meeting, he disputed that he considers that all the negative consequences of reserves were more than the positive ones, and he is also not responsible, as he claims, for any delays from other ministries.  

Layoffs on the table.

Reiterating the objective of the reserve is the number of 30000 employees until mid-January, Mr. Reppas described that additional staff might have to depart. The Constitution does not allow layoffs unless permanent positions are repealed. He stressed, that some permanent positions have been cancelled, but even more could follow suit.  
In this case, Mr. Reppas stated that the employee holding a cancelled position may not be laid off, but another might take his place, after the evaluation reports that will begin in 2012. He also made it clear that the Society of Information has already begun the procedures for a competition to find companies that will undertake the review.  

Moreover, Mr. Reppas stated that in his view the Papademos  government is one of "national purpose" and that its life is determined by the needs of the country and not the needs of the parties. Speaking of Mr. Lucas Papademos the Minister of Administrative Reform called him the "servant of public interest", which is not assumed to carry a title, but is tasked to complete a project. He rejected the 'invention of "anti-coalition" and said he respects his colleagues in the same cabinet.