The absolute support for the project started by Loukas Papademos, was given by George Papandreou. The PASOK president, after being filled in on the economy’s developments, stated to his successor that he should do whatever he deems is necessary., in order to win the bet on the economy and to finalize the negotiations on the bond exchange program. Even the composition of the government scheme.  
According to information from the PM’s environment, there has been dissatisfaction for certain government officials, and secondly the need for aid in some areas. In particular, over the participation of the persons who can negotiate better with the government. For now, though, his coworkers are stating that there is no such issue. It is different for a PM to step down than a broader initiative that deals with all three parties supporting the government.  

PASOK could open the “dance” if the government was void of those seeking its presidency. In such a case, Loukas Papademos will take on the role of Finance Minister, in the position of Evangelos Venizelos who said he is willing to succeed him.   
Antonis Samaras is counter to this proposal, to not change the election date, while George Karatzaferis is in favor, since he wishes for a government of technocrats.