The PASOK political council will probably meet in the middle of next week. Thus, it will officially initiate the debate for the day after of the party, while everyone is waiting for the candidates who will continue the game of succession started by development minister Michalis Chrysochoidis.   
The fermentations and backroom consultations are still going strong and everyone expects a move by the reformers, especially following Papandreou-Venizelos’ meeting met week, after which there was immediate information on initiatives. The two events gave birth to scenarios for a common front between the two against Andreas Loverdos’ lead in the succession race.   

The disappointment in PASOK about Papandreou's low ratings is evident, since according to information this can be seen from surveys carried out for Ippokratous street as well.   

The presidentials' bet is to make every move so as not to affect the profile of the president. During the meeting with political editors Dimitris Reppas, one of the president’s closest collaborators, was very careful with this: "George Papandreou has not only shown great national and social responsibility, but is also a politician who in a not-so- distant time, will be honored and recognized for what he is and what he offers. He ruled a country with a weak economy. See the financial conditions he received, put it next to the policy implemented by leaders such as Merkel and Sarkozy, and then rate it."