The societies of Kastoria and Corfu are shocked by the gruesome murder of 22-year-old Adrianna Gardikioti by the 35-year-old Stathis Efstathiou. 

The girl was a student at the Kastoria Technological Educational Institute, at the Department of Communication and Public Relations, and was also working as a dancer in clubs to earn some extra money. The 35 year-old organized events and parties at the Kastoria clubs, where they met a year ago. 

All their friends spoke of a great love, which unfortunately ended a few days ago due to the intense jealousy he felt for her. 

On the day of the crime the perpetrator asked the victim to meet up and talk. In his car he led her to a secluded spot near the lake of Kastoria. They had an intense quarrel there because he insisted on rekindling their relationship, which was something the girl did not want. She loved him but could not stand his jealousy, as she confessed to her friends. And this is why her relationship status on facebook read "single".

The brain of the 35yo blanked out and he pulled the knife he had in his car, stabbing the girl in the chest 10 times. Then he took a screwdriver and jabbed her in the neck. Afterwards he dropped her in the lake and took off for Kilkis. Police saw his car there and signaled for him to stop, thinking there was something wrong.

But he accelerated and as the police press release mentions, he crashed into an electricity pole. Officers found traces of blood and hair from the murdered girl in his car.

He was transported to the Kilkis General Hospital, where he is hospitalized under guard. He confessed his actions to the police and revealed the location where he committed the crime.

The perpetrator’s page on facebook is loaded with offensive messages from friends of the girl or even unknown people, while the girl’s friends cannot believe they have lost their “little butterfly”, as she called herself, in such a gruesome way.

Within the next few hours friends and family of the unfortunate girl are expected in Kastoria to identify her body and take her back to Corfu for her funeral.