Xmas eve
Weather: rainfall in the east and south and snowfall in the mountain areas.
Winds: northern 4-7B, 8 in the Aegean, declining in the afternoon.
Temperature: very low with intense frost forming in the central and northern areas during the morning. 
Xmas day
Weather: temperature will drop below zero in many areas of the country. Frost will form in the central and northern areas while the rest of the areas will have rainfall and snow on the mountains and the southwest. 
Weather: transiently overcast with chances of rain.
Winds: western southwestern 4-6B.
Temperature: 10-16C. 
Weather: overcast with chances of rain.
Winds: western 3-5B.
Temperature: 5-10C. 
Macedonia and Thrace
Weather: local rainfall and sporadic storms. Snow will fall on mountain and semi-mountain areas of western and central Macedonia.
Winds: southwestern 3-5B that will gradually increase and turn to western.
Temperature: 3-10C, 4 degrees less in western Macedonia. 
Ionian, Epirus, western mainland and western Peloponnisos
Weather: rainfall, storms and snow on the continental mountains and semi-mountainous areas of Epirus and western mainland.
Winds: western southwestern 4-7B gradually turning to northwestern from the north.
Temperature: 8-14C, 5 less in Epirus. 
Thessaly, eastern mainland, Evia and eastern Peloponnisos
Weather: rainfall with intervals of sunshine, and snowfall in the mountains.
Winds: southwestern 4-7B.
Temperature: 6-15C, 4 less in Thessaly. 
Cyclades and Crete
Weather: rainfall and possibly sporadic storms.
Winds: western southwestern 5-7B.
Temperature: 12-17C. 
Dodecanese and eastern Aegean
Weather: rainfall and sporadic storms.
Winds: western southwestern 4-7B.
Temperature: 10-17C. 
Citizens should be aware 
The General Secretariat for Civil Protection GGPP asks for the attention of citizens and recommends they proceed in the following actions: 
-avoid moving and staying in the countryside because of the risks of lightning
-avoid activities in marine and coastal areas during the events of dangerous weather phenomena
-avoid crossing streams and ravines on foot or by car during the events of dangerous weather phenomena, and for several hours after
-be constantly updated on weather predictions
-closely follow the instructions of local relevant bodies such as Traffic Police, etc.