According to reports, the finance ministry is preparing a new scenario for stimulating economic activity, and to collect VAT tax from the public sector. 

It will be a reduction at 3% on card purchases, which was proposed by the banks to the government about a year ago. 

It will be both for and credit and debit cards, which are used instead of cash for direct debit account deposits and are not burdened with interest. A prerequisite for the consumer is to have sufficient balance in a savings account. 

Although the proposal was presented about a year ago, the government chose to adopt the measure of the tax card, but seeing that it did not work went back to the original proposal. 

If a consumer chooses to use a debit card, he can have the benefit of the automatic VAT reduction, and the state will receive the tax in time by the banks, since it will be retained through the card. 

As reported earlier by, relevant information refers to a reduction in VAT from 23% to 20% and 13% to 10%, depending on the current product and service.