The head of the Privatization Fund puts K. Mitropoulos is pulling the brakes on the optimistic forecasts of the government for large revenues from privatizations. The program will begin in 2012, extending the management contract of the Eleftherios Venizelos airport and the sale of rights for state lotteries. The set goals however, do not justify any optimism. 
At a meeting of finance minister Evangelos Venizelos with the director of the Fund, it was discovered that whatever targets were set so far the new administration have been fully achieved. It brought 1.6 billion to the state coffers, exactly what it promised when it took up its duties during the summer and against zero revenue in the last two years. 
And to avoid recurrences of ridiculous events of the past, Mitropoulos asked to ease up on the expectations and timelines set forth by the budget and the mid-term plan. 
According to Mitropoulos, privatization revenue will reach 2.2% of GDP next year, i.e. 4.6 to 4.7 billion euros or almost half of what the new state budget provides, by including revenues of 9.3 billion euros. 
However, the gap of more than 4 billion will have to be covered in other ways. Troika returns to update the memorandum, which insists on a program of 28 privatizations to collect revenues of 9.3 billion euros. But the messages from the markets, along with uncertainty and recession, create obstacles for this series of arguments