During the updating of political reporters government spokesman Pantelis Kapsis announced two scheduled cabinet meetings within the week. 

One on Wednesday for labor relations, and one on Thursday on the ministry of justice issues. Capsis said that an immergency summit on the subject of all open issues in the eurozone is planned for early February. "For us the euro is a very serious issue and we expect significant developments after the holidays." 

Regarding what health minister Andreas Loverdos said on the timing for early elections, the government spokesman did not to make any comments. However, he said that "the government was formed to address the major problems of the country and all ministers will be judged by this." 

On persistent questions raised on the subject, Capsis was clear: "There is a respected party agreement. It will not be affected, but the time is specified by the work undertaken and that will be precisely determined upon its course. The government will build on the policy statements voted by the three parties. We will not stop its stay in office, before the completion of the PSI and the negotiations for the new program. The policy statements include the guidelines for the needed measures." 

On the occasion of clarifying questions about the stance of the ministers and the party developments in PASOK, Capsis stressed how "it is clear to all that the ministers should be engaged in their own work for which they will be evaluated and judged." 

Regarding the new measures, Capsis referred to "policy announcements for the PM’s views" and accepted there is an issue with supplementary pensions and that the government seeks to ensure them, referring for details on what was said by labour minister, George Koutroumanis. 

Finally, for the upcoming increases in electricity bills, he noted there are ongoing negotiations between PPC, the ministry and RAE on the scale of the increase, in terms of consumer protection, but also regarding the interests of PPC.